American Crime Stories

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Описание лота
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Автор Сборник
Издательство Oxford University Press
Год издания 2001
Страниц 120
Переплет Мягкая обложка
Издание Третье издание


This simplified edition © Oxford University Press 2000 Third impression 2001

First published in Oxford Bookworms 1996

This second edition published in the Oxford Bookworms Library 2000


"Criminals in the United States of America are much the same as criminals in any other place. They lie, cheat, steal, carry guns, break into houses - and murder people. Sometimes they get caught, sometimes they don't. And some of them have bad dreams for the rest of their lives.

These seven stories by well-known American writers show us the many faces of crime. There are murders of passion, and of revenge; murders that look like suicides or accidents. There is robbery and mugging, fear and hate, love and laziness. There are the innocent and the guilty -- but which are which? And there are the detectives: the amateur Louise, who won't accept that her cousin's death was suicide, and who goes looking for a lipstick; and the coolly professional private eye, who knows whose hand is behind the machine guns and hand grenades on a stormy night in Couffignal.

We begin with Death Wish, with a man leaning over the Morrissey Bridge late at night -- a man with dark thoughts of suicide in his mind..."





Death Wish. Lawrence Block   1

Death on Christmas Eve. Stanley Ellin  11

The Heroine. Patricia Highsmith   21

Ride the Lightning. John Lutz   33

The Lipstick. Mary Roberts Rinehart  49

Lazy Susan. Nancy Pickard   69

The Gutting of Couffignal. Dashiel Hammett 74

GLOSSARY     103

ACTIVITIES: Before Reading   106

ACTIVITIES: While Reading   107

ACTIVITIES: After Reading   110




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