New York September 11 by Magnum Photographers

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Описание лота
Состояние Новое
143 стр. Энциклопедический формат
Автор Сборник
Издательство Leather Bound, Collector's Edition
Год издания 2001
Переплет Твердый переплет

By now, the story of September 11th has been burned into our collective memory, but few have seen New York from the perspective of Magnum photographers. On that tragic morning, eleven members of the legendary photo agency immediately dispersed from their monthly meeting in New York to document as the events unfolded, risking their own lives to record the incomprehensible. Their photographs, by turns haunting, surreal, and breathtaking, are collected together in "New York September 11", compellingly presented in a high-quality edition.

From their various vantage points we are transported to Ground Zero to witness the destruction of the World Trade Center, the buildings' implosion which sent thousands fleeing from debris through the streets, and the exodus out, only to return to the scene in quiet observation and admiration of the rescue workers whose jobs have only begun and of the mourners who have been gathering in bewildering grief. As a tribute to the World Trade Center's noted place in history, "New York September 11", will also include some of the most beloved photographs of the Twin Towers taken by Magnum over the last quarter of a century.

With a foreword by David Halberstam, and featuring photos by Steve McCurry, Susan Meiselas, and other Magnum icons, this book is the ultimate testimonial to the ordeal of September 11th.

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